Traveler in music, my composition are journeys through traditional melodies guided by deep drums and spiritual vocals. From organic and deep downtempo to progressive and melodic house.

Piccaya’s first music sessions dated from the new beat period in Belgium, early 1990s with the acidulous sounds of minimal techno from Detroit mixed with house music.

It was at Burning Man in 2012 that Piccaya gradually resumed his original passion, the electronic music with which he has juggled since then at festivals such as Burning Man, Africa Burn, Midburn, Nowhere Festival, Borderland, Nature Festival, …

Early 2020, he started the Sunday Kosmozoo Downtempo, a weekly radio show on ShoutingFire Radio, an international broadcasting collective, born on the playa and inspired by Burning Man. Dedicated to the free flow of information and to spreading art and culture.

Early 2021, Piccaya created Kosmozoo Records, a label delivering a unique underground music experience with young artists willing to say something new music-wise. 

This new chapter brings Piccaya as a curator on the scene of the electronic music by releasing new artists, assuming also the promotion and the cover design.

The engagement of PIccaya would not be completed without the organization of events such as the Kosmo Garden, a wonderful burn organized by the Kosmozoo Family in Belgium in 2021 as well as a sound camp at Nowhere Festival since 2018 offering a 7 days non stop DJ stage and a campsite. 

What makes you Woke up in AFRICA

Totally unexpected interview made on the way to the Spirit Train after burn event in Cape Town.

By Rada Binovska.