Traveler in music, my composition are journeys through traditional melodies guided by deep drums and spiritual vocals. From organic and deep downtempo to progressive and melodic house.

Wilderness explorer and photographer (+100 countries) lived in Brussels, London, Brighton, Asia and South America. 

Piccaya’s first music sessions dated from the new beat period in Belgium with the acidulous sounds of minimal techno from Detroit mixed with house music. 

Piccaya is inspired by his encounters and experiences around the world to create his musical identity. He is passionate about travel, traditional, ancestral, and indigenous cultures.

His music vibrates with African, South American, Asian, spiritual & shamanic influences, both in Downtempo, Deep and Progressive styles. 

It combines electronic and organic sounds, tribal songs, and traditional ethnic instruments from around the world.

DJ/Producer since 2012, he has performed in burns, clubs, festivals, natural settings and underground locations in USA, South Africa, Belgium, France, Italy, England, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Spain, and Israel. More than 180 sets are available on his website and various music networks.

Producer for five years, Piccaya released 20 tracks on various labels like Kosmozoo, Tibetania, Kosa, Monada and Cafe De Anatolia.

Founder, resident DJ, artistic director, curator, and event organizer for the Brussels-based record label and event company Kosmozoo. He has so far organized 10 events in Spain, Holland, and Brussels.

Resident artist since 2019 for the Kosmozoo Downtempo Show on Shouting Fire, the official Burning Man radio for the community.

What makes you Woke up in AFRICA

Totally unexpected interview made on the way to the Spirit Train after burn event in Cape Town.

By Rada Binovska.