PICCAYA @ EO Virtual #4 | Live Set

ϟ ELECTRIC OFFENSE ϟ BEATS / BASS / DIGITAL ARTS Electric Offense in a virtual club! Enter it here : https://hubs.mozilla.com/LHzDxae/electric-offense/   Live set played on Friday 12th June 2020

PICCAYA @ The Exploration Journey | Live Set

Explore a constellation of soundscapes with the KosmoZoo DJ crew team & guests for a week-end of live music. Sunday Night, the show will be also broadcast on ShoutingFire Radio, the radio made by burners. Festival organized by Kosmozoo Crew.  Piccaya (.Be)Friday: 22:00-23:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33Zb97PMZR8 More info


The Tribe council has sensed a disturbance in the force and a vital necessity in reaching out to our extended family at a moment when we are needed the most. For that very purpose we gathered the universal energies from different crews around the world: Cerïmonia from Barcelona, Astral from ...

PICCAYA @ Aperocoromix #46

My Set during the Aperocoromix #46 / Locked Down Party  

PICCAYA @ The Spirit Train

Live stream on howler.com, Facebook and Youtube during the The Spirit Train. Digital Streaming AV Landscape. 14/3/2020  


We might be confined to our homes or serving our communities on the frontlines of a pandemic but we will not stop to burn! HiveBurn was a virtual burn that held on Saturday 28. March from 16.00 CET. KosmoZoo was also there and we broadcast a live feed for 5 ...

PICCAYA @ The Quarantaine Festival #5 (Brussels)

This time we gathered more than 30 DJ from all over the world divided in 7 rooms. For this event we will have once again new DJ/Producers, Dj set and Live. The concept of the Quarantine Festival is simple, there are live streams by rooms offering more than 30 DJ ...

Last Night The Dj Saved My Life By Piccaya

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life creates fund raising initiatives for the electronic music industry & beyond in support of children in crisis. 8-10th May – Facebook & Twitch  

PICCAYA @ Lift-Off Mission | Live Set

KOSMOZOO team is happy to come back in the virtual world for a “Lift-off mission”, come and join our dance floors. Online event organized by Kosmozoo Crew.  Piccaya (.Be)Friday: 20:30-22:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EO0t5_Jw78 More info

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