The Odyssey (Spain)

A castle somewhere by Barcelona and 150 hippies all together to celebrate life for 3 days. Participative & burn affiliated event co created together based on the 10 Burning Man principles. This is my set played on Friday night 02 to 30h30.

Artists featured in this set: Astatum, Y do I, NOIYSE PROJECT, Partenaire, Todd Duff, Vakabular, Monophase (IT), Boatech, Norvis, Boris Brejcha, Laura Korinth, Peter Groskreutz, Rafael Cerato, Gabriel Moraes, Monostone, Same Vibe, Fuenka, Dylan Deck, Hobin Rude, Stylo, Space Motion, 2up, Caballero, Miguel Matoz, Betty S.


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