TEMPLE of The MOON // Oslo

This is my ethno deep tech set performed live at the Temple for the Moon at Salt on the 3rd of September. In addition to meditation, ceremonies, arts, and performances there were 3 different stages playing tribal/melodic, deep techno, and chill-out vibe-music. When the temple is prosperous – the community will flourish.

TEMPLE STAGE – Tribal & Melodic stage
PICCAYA (Kosmozoo)

Artists featured in this set: Om namaha, Arcaans, Zuma DionyS, YannaY, Meydo, Mehdi Maghraoui, Cafe De Anatolia, Abdallah balti, Anton Ishutin, Quistek, Krutartha, Kosa, SEVN (CA), Jungle Kitchen, Martin Dubois, Safar (FR), Sebastian Busto, Sergey Nomad, Orkidz, Dizharmonia, Hot Oasis, Tebra, Qualista, Think City, Akira Arasawa, Bigz, Below Bangkok, Kiano, Soire, DJ Khaikhan, Christos Papadopoulos, Dim Angelo, Alex Mihalakis, Karmaâ, Derun, PROFONDITA, Tebra, Boatman, Stephane Salerno


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