Śaṣi (शषि) or “Sashi” is a Sanskrit technical term used in ancient Indian sciences such as Astronomy, Mathematics and Geometry.

Your last set of January 2021 on ShoutingFire with Kosmozoo Sunday Live. On the menu 2 hours of super chilled downtempo. Get ready for spending a relax moment. 25 New tracks. Live Set performed on Sunday 24/01/2021 on for KosmoZoo #29

Artists featured in this set: Dan Bay, Hang Massive, Nowananda, Antaares, Matija, Richard Elcox, Trippin Jaguar, Raffaello Visconti, Ancestral, Sangeet, Moon’s Voyager, AmuAmu, Juliano Gomez, Mikasi Project, Kerem Gell, Skaru, Monique, Ikaru, Menachem 26, Nhii, Kermesse, Hajna.

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