Retrorganic, uplifting set, organic & downtempo with sometimes a taste of retro, a fresh musical moment.

Live set performed on ShoutingFire during the Kosmo Downtempo Live on the 28/03/2021. 22 tracks – Kosmo Downtempo #38.

Artists featured in this set: Kermesse, Deisen, Riyoon, T-Puse, jPattersson, Kleintierschaukel, Moon’s Voyager, Harro Triptrap, AIWAA, Antonio Alterino, Bigz, Below Bangkok, Kiano, Soire, Kaygee, Hypsidia, Altriparty, Jacob Groening, Nina Simone, M.Age.Project, Arutani, Nikosh, Sportelli, MI.LA, Soble.

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