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Live @ RaveUp #4 ( Barcelona)

Live set performed in Barcelona during the Rave4. Thank you to the Mad Dancers for inviting me to play one more time ! Uplifting, joyful, tenderly mesmerizing, compellingly being swept into the tempo, warmly inviting to take space for your Self, yet at the same time voraciously inviting to dance your ass off….

Artists played in this set: Der Verfall, SECR3T KEY, Anber, Loveclub, Domingo +, Lilova, Far Distance, Township Rebellion, Teodor G., Stylo, Space Motion, Oncila, Allan McLoud, Rafo, Tomy Wahl, Markus Klee, Modul Kollektiv, Piccaya, Elie O. Dolbytall, DJ Bey, Eve, Tumzz, Alexander Metzger.


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