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This two-hour sonic odyssey, guided by the mire cosmic pendulum spirit, will transport you to a realm of serene bliss.

Live broadcasted on Shouting Fire Radio. Kosmo Nr. 93 (11/12/2023 – 7PM to 10AM). Shouting Fire is a global burning radio network, with year-round programs from Burns all over the world as well as weekly shows.

Artists featured in this set: Derun, Murmusica, Tolga Bilgin, Soble, Audae, Max Joni, Los Cabra, MUKKIMIAU, Coordese, Trippin Jaguar, End of Time, Bahar Sönmez, Räubermukke, Lev Tatarov, Max Emil, Antaares, Maricha, Rapossa, AmuAmu, okuma, Sangeet, Magupi, ARKADYAN, Wilma, Caly Jandro, Niju, Geju, Soble, Saive, Zoe Reijue, Phortah, J Gluck, Pshiuu, Malu, Acid Pauli.


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