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Lose yourself in the hypnotic grooves of “Trinity,” my new downtempo musical mantra. 🙏🔥

Live broadcasted on Shouting Fire Radio. Kosmo Nr. 97 (17/03/2024 – 7PM to 9AM). Shouting Fire is a global burning radio network, with year-round programs from Burns all over the world as well as weekly shows.

Artists featured in this set: Avision, Arutani, Ka:lu, Da Iguana, Sydka, Zuma Dionys, Daniel Hokum, Dreamstalker, Rapossa, Salvo Migliorini, Harland Kasten, YannaY, Max TenRoM, WAL-ID, Solidmind, Think City, Akira Arasawa, Donz, DJ Khaikhan, bepo, Juliano Gomez, Mula (FR), Al-Jive Mestizo, Nina Simmons, Jean Vayat, obeidmusic.

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