Opening Set @ Audacious 5th Year Anniversary // Brussels

“AUDACIOUS is a party concept focusing on the deeper, melodic, more sexy and colorful shades of house and techno music in Belgium. Every event we aim at surprising you with some very special artists who are not yet established in Belgium, but are extra-ordinarily talented. We want you to discover them at our events.”

At BUDA BXL on the 03/12/2022

*** PARADOKS (CH) ***
*** AMARE (BE) ***
*** PICCAYA (BE) ***
*** VBROTH (IT) ***

Thank you to Amare for making it possible. ❤️

Artists featured in this set: Karmaâ, P A N, Waleed Mowafy, Acid Arab, Wael Alkak, Jan Dalvik, Anton Ishutin, Abity, Piccaya, Meyer (ofc), Juan Sapia, Geronimo Eguiguren, Der Effekt, Avior, B.o.T, Mayro, Zandre Van Zyl, Jaxel, Kamilo Sanclemente, Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, Out of Mind, Ykonosh, Nesh Holden, Alexander Metzger.


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