My set & MAXJA Festival played on Friday. There was rain, wind and the elements were in action all around us. The music unified all of us into an amazing moment of dance and happiness.

MAXJA is an annual gathering that brings together a small conscious community in the beautiful island of Sardinia. The campsite where the activities take place has direct access to the beach and is surrounded by nature. A unique opportunity to share, express, and connect with others, ourselves and our planet.

At the core of the spirit of Maxja is our deep sense of community, which rests on values of inclusion, communal effort and personal participation. A key element of this is nurturing individual responsibility by learning and practicing self-reliance, so that we can show up fully for ourselves and others. We honour each and every individual by encouraging authentic self-expression respecting the rights of others, and the sharing of our unique gifts through the beautiful practice of gifting. Finally, we honour our natural and cultural surroundings through promoting civic responsibility and leaving absolutely no trace other than a more magical place.


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