A mantra is a sacred word, sound or phrase, often in Sanskrit, recited within a wide variety of religious and spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Yoga. The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit roots; manas meaning ‘mind’ and tra meaning ‘tool’. As such, mantras are considered to be “tools of thought,” used as a means of harnessing and focusing the mind. 

Traditionally, mantras are believed to have spiritual and psychological powers, each with its own particular intention and meaning behind it.

2h of ethnic and deep downtempo music mixed from my van at the edges of Barcelona. Between chill and shaky set. Set broadcasted to ShoutingFire Radio for the Kosmo Downtempo Live Nb.79 on the 13/11/2022.

Artists featured in this set: Tolga Maktay, Dali Sana, Sabo, kośa, Seventh Soul, Nibua, Mikhail Catan, Ali Termos, Salvo Migliorini, Coherence (ES), Sasson (FR), Nii Tei, KÖNI, HAFT, Hrag Mikkel, Hobta, George Sunday, Christos Papadopoulos, Dim Angelo, Cafe De Anatolia, Anis Karek, Derun, Pharaoh’s Daughter, P A N, YANE, Kamilo Sanclemente, Carol Brown, Jean Vaya, Darko De Jan, Stan Kolev, Sereno, Dan Tanev, Birds of Mind.


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