Live @ Burning Man Decompression 2023 (Zurich)

The Swiss Community of Burning Man has channeled the electrifying spirit of Black Rock City into a day and night of creativity and excitement! With 35 workshops, 31 DJs, an indoor cloud machine, a cabaret featuring 15 unique acts, naked body painting, a breathtaking fire show, and infectious Samba rhythms. 🎶

This is my set live performed at the Kraftwerk in Zurich from 20h00 to 21h45 – Outdoor stage at the Kraftwerk (Zurich).

Artists featured in this set: Jacob Groening, Kermesse, T-Puse, Raz Ohara, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Oliver Koletzki, Elias Dore, Solatic, Erdit Mertiri, Deepest, Satori, El Mundo, Drauf & Dran, Shimza, Argento Dust, Yves Eaux, RoelBeat, Alexander Alar, Rafael Cerato, ANUQRAM, Piccaya, MÖW, Goldcap, Bahramji, Medusa Odyssey, Umannto, Dirty Doering.


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