LA FINCA @ Barcelona 2018

LA FINCA is a conscious movement and a creative hub of music, art, healthy food and community. As we are living through times of shifts and changes we are happy to announce to you a brand new concept in the city of Barcelona.

We are creating a platform for free expression and creativity. For the first time in the city, there will be a community of dreamers, artists, doers and influencers. A day and night full of love, magic and self-expression. We will teleport you on a journey that will feed and nourish your soul and all your senses.

I had the pleasure to play during the last set on the 26 of May 2018, from 24 to 2 am to finish this amazing day gathering beautiful souls.

Artists featured in this set: Ulises, ErginElvan, Cihangir Çınar, Xique-Xique, Sangeet, Rapossa, Echoel, Dahu & Soul Button, Nahum Lemayer, Alvaro Suarez, Sascha Braemer, Zhu, Henry Saiz, Diass, Dahu & MPathy, Timboletti, Sangeet, Marvin & Guy, MayDan, Ben Beckman.


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