Karakoram Highway is an imaginary musical caravan traveling to the boundaries of central Asia, also dubbed the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, it is one of the most famous roads connecting China to Pakistan, an old Silk Road.

This is a 1h45h set mixing electronic & world music. Deep musical immersion, when four continents meet electronic music. Musical journey mixing electronic, ethnic sounds, vocals, organic instruments, melodic vocals as well as spiritual chanting.

I had the chance once to explore this region of the world, the Karakoram Highway starts from Havelian and winds through many beautiful spots such as Mansehra, Thakot, Abbottabad, Besham, Pattan, Sazin, Chils, Gilgit Baltistan and Hunza, connecting China’s Xinjiang region with Pakistan’s Gilgit–Baltistan region in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at an altitude of 4,693 m/15,397 ft.

Artists featured in this set: Toirés, Paji, Stereo Express, DJ Khaikhan, Manuel Sahagun, Christ Burstein, Los Cabra, Mira, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Leveldva, Motomia, Viken Arman, Tebra, Raidho, Zuma Dionys, Niko Schwind, Dole & Kom , Hupke, PAAX (Tulum), Zuma Dionys, Jose Solano, Senora.


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