Catharsis is the process of releasing strong or pent-up emotions through art. Aristotle coined the term catharsis to describe the release of emotional tension that he believed spectators experienced while watching dramatic tragedy…

Welcome in this 2h set, the journey includes oriental tech house, progressive house and melodic techno.

Artists featured in this set: Audiomatiques, Stan Kolev, Alvaro Suarez, Lunaar, Goom Gum, Rafael Cerato, Gabriel Moraes, Jos & Eli, Gabriel Moraes, Khen, Space Motion, Mel7em, Hidden Empire, Space Food, Booka Shade feat. Fritz Helder, NekliFF, Daniel Navrotsky, Anden, Soul Button, Clawz SG, Audio Units, Dizharmonia, Stephane Salerno, Taichi Masuda, Manipolato, Avikal, Danito & Athina, Musumeci, Phunkadelica, Ben Lukas Boysen.


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