Let’s say bye bye to the worse time of the year for me which is November & let’s welcome December with a lovely selection of new music.

This time, I picked up 30 new tracks from my favorites artists including amazing world music melodies and vocals, just a lot of virtual sun in your headphones.

Two hours of immersion into deep organic downtempo music. Live Set performed on Sunday 29/11/2020 on for KosmoZoo #25.

Artists featured in this set: Martin Nonstatic, Santi, Tugce Kurtis, Santi & Tuğçe, Christian Hülshoff, Pølaroit, Zuma Dionys, Daniel Hokum, M.Age.Project, Feinheitsbrei, Analog Context, Beyhude, Sangeet, Miret, Tugce Kurtis, Roni Iron, Anis Karek, Lello Fusco, MEL BELL, San Miguel, DIBIDABO, Lev Tatarov, Ka_lu, Null (Berlin), La Rondalla De Saltillo, Hajna, Acid Pauli, Kermesse, thds, Kolomin.

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