Happy Xmas from Piccaya with this uplifting organic downtempo set. Performed live on the 20th December 2020 on ShoutingFire radio for the Kosmozoo Sunday Live Nr 26.

Artists featured in this set: Ivory (IT), BLOND_ISH, Rowee, Dandara, Polocorp, Diguital Trip, Mom, jPattersson, ANuT, Solidmind, Joshua Wasem, Timboletti, Just Emma, UNDERHER, Hansom Eli, Geju, SANDER (FR), Kapoor, Hang Massive, Solidmind, M.Age.Project, Yong Jai Kim, Sergey Nomad, Nikko Sunset, Below Bangkok, Kiano, Malkov, P A N, Oilst, Mf Jaeger, Akuba, Zuma Dionys, Daniel Hokum, Guy Maayan, Martin Fuego, Nada, PAAX (Tulum), Arutani.

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