Deep musical immersions, when four continents meet downtempo electronic music. Musical journey mixing electronic downtempo and deep house with ethnic sounds, vocals, organic instruments, melodic vocals. From 90 bpm to 115.

Artists featured in this set: Blond_ish, Omerar Nanda, Unders & Iorie, Dandara & Arutani, Ulises, Raidho, T.Etno, Batu Ozer, Seth Schwarz, Bahramji, Audysea, Billy Caso, Rodrigo Gallardo, Dandara & Arutani, thds, AmuAmu, Sadhu Sensi, Canson, Henry Saiz, Batu Ozer, EXZ & Dunwich, El Búho, KMLN, Dubianchi.

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BURNING SAND @ BM Sicily What an amazing 3 days we had all together during the 2018 Regional Sicilian Burning Man event in the north of Sicily…
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SANTA MEDICINA When music becomes an odd to an internal trip, spiritual & cosmic set. Enjoy it, share & comment if you like it. Deep…