Afrikaburn 2022 @ Dreamers [Piccaya] – Friday Midnight

AfrikaBurn 2022 – Friday midnight set at the Dreamers. My favorite musical moment at Afrika Burn this year, it was just an epic set, the crowd was there and ready to follow my burning dance. Thank you Jérémy for inviting me to play. See you next year my friends for another epic set.

Featured Artists in this set: Der Verfall, Makossa (IT), Y do I, Prevision, Boris Brejcha, Laura Korinth, Jaxel, 2up, Caballero, Dave Seaman, Light Breath, Natasha Wax, ZDEPTH, Ignacio Arbeleche, Cid Inc., Lena Storm, Monophase (IT), Arash Shadram, Kon Faber, Andrewboy, Stan Kolev, Keistep, Ben Coda, Lish, Dylhen, Joe Fisher, Peter Groskreutz, Rafael Cerato, Gabriel Moraes, Menkee.


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