DomusBurn is a digital playa experience, a multiversilicious space gifted by Burners to Burners and anyone identifying with the ethos and principles of our community.

It’s a space to connect with new and old friends, to dress up and dance and laugh and cheer each other up, to learn new skills and things that you can later bring back into the default world to fuel it up with sparkling positivity and constructive change.

DomusBurn is an experiment to which you are cordially invited – in fact, not only are you invited, but your participation is key! It’s a safe space to offer your gifts to the community; host a workshop, share your art, take the stage as a performer, play your tunes, get your fellow Burners aligned and grounded with your spiritual gifts, or take us all by surprise by offering any of your unique gifts! You can also join the DomusBurn family as a volunteer and take a shift or two to support the event and community.

This is my set performed on the 28/06/2020 from 1 am to 2 am. Progressive and melodic techno.


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