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Live @ Chrysalide // Exil  (FR)

What a pleasure to be invited at one of the Exil’s party in Perpignan to play during the Chrysalide at the Tropique du Papillon. This is my set performed between 10 and midnight.

Thanks to the whole team and especially to ChillOhm and Small Ewok Greg for inviting me to play there.

Artists featured in this set: Pat FM, Marga Sol, Lilova, Pandhora, Alain Fanegas, Tomy Wahl, Elias Dore, Solatic, Yves Eaux, Shimza, Argento Dust, RoelBeat, Alexander Alar, Mula (FR), Hakan (NL), FiveP, Benja Molina, Jorge Montia, Jose Ponce, Joe Red, Aitor Ronda, Umannto, Billy Esteban, STEREO MUNK, Sinan Arsan, Dublew, MÖW, Sinai (IT), Hot Oasis, PABLoKEY, Tony L Issac, Jad Halal, Cafe De Anatolia.


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