Downtempo Deep house set with ethnic tunes, instruments, spiritual music & melodic vocals.

Artists featured in this set: beGun, Amram Solar & Hot Oasis, Sangeet, Armen Miran, Rey & Kjavik, The Bedouin, Zone+ & Usif, EXZ, Arra, The Soul Brothers, NU, Steffen Kirchhoff, Timboletti, Tebra.

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Samsara Musical journey starting from Minimal techno to tech house with a spice of oriental vibes. Saṃsāra means “wandering” or…
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The Pirate @ MidBurn 2018

THE PIRATES @ Midburn 2018  Deep Tech House set played on the amazing art car “The Pirates”, playa of MidBurn Festival 2018 on…