What a beautiful week we spent all together somewhere in South of France for the Arrêtes ton Cirque Mini Burn. A camp made of 40 friends enjoying life and joy in such a nice natural setting which is the domaine of Linars.

Set played during an afternoon, just the perfect music for a sunset. Good music gives you wings to fly …

Artists featured in this set: Akuba, Okuma, Ikaru, Joe Carl, Ka_lu, CharliEM, Wanduta, Kermesse, Deisen, Timboletti, Ribas Abbas, Lee Jones, Vruno, Fata & Morgana, Jack Essek, Bassara, Niklaus Katzorke, Rapossa, Deisen, Theo Gramal, Lev Tatarov, Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind, Sidartha Siliceo, Yusuf Lemone.

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