Sidera, a new set, deep & melodic downtempo. ❤ 🎧 Studio set performed for ShoutingFire during the Kosmo Downtempo Live Nb.52 on the 19/09/2021.

Artists featured in this set: Desert Raven, Duygu Civas, Slow Nomaden, Alter Alex, Tigran, Diass, Sound Shapes, Manipolato, Avikal, Lev Tatarov, Speaking In Tongues, Anatolian Sessions, Sasson (FR), Nii Tei, Barseghian, Ayala (IT), Monojoke, Chicola, M.Age.Project, Jose Solano, Guy Mantzur, Plecta, BLOND_ISH, AIWAA, D-Nox, Victor Ruiz, Jalil B.

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