Downtempo uplifting set to boost your energy and happiness levels. Live Set performed on Sunday 26/01/2020 on ShoutingFire.com, the radio made by burners for the world. This recording has no voice over.

Artists featured in this set: Sheila Chandra, Toires / Sanäti, Acid Arab, Radia Menel, ZebraCak3, Vusall, Rapossa, Ulises, Bigz, Below Bangkok, Kiano, Soire, Armando Letico, Arutani, Kermesse, Deisen, Riyoon, T-Puse, jPattersson, Kermesse, Kleintierschaukel, Dandara, Meraki (BR), Jack Essek, Valtierra, Lagartijeando, Budajevo, Basil O’Glue, Mordisco, Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind, celestino anthony, Mr. Drums.

Shouting Fire, the Burner radio station that connects us all globally, year round. They broadcast live at Burner events worldwide over FM and stream from those events and all year long with weekly and bi-weekly programs .

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