Imagine being in a forest in South America, this is how it starts. Latino & fresh vibes for the set all in colors.

Live Set performed on Sunday 7/06/2020 on ShoutingFire.com (Live event – 07 to 9h30 PM PT).???

Artists featured in this set: Klik & Frik, Pay Kusten, PAAX (Tulum) feat. Nelson William, Kurup, EXZ & Dunwich, Billy Caso, Batu Ozer, AVEM, Metrika, Nu, Mom, jPattersson, ANuT, Altriparty, Nevel (IT), EXZ, Sahalé, Samarana, Canson, Iorie, Arutani, Kermesse, Rampue, Niko Schwind, Rodrigo Gallardo, Feinheitsbrei, Samarana.

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