Musical journey with downtempo & awakening soundscapes. This is an invitation for an escape in your consciousness & your body, 135 minutes of down beat & positive music. This is my 6th or 7th weeks @ home, a record.

Live Set performed on Sunday 12/04/2020 on ShoutingFire.com, on Facebook & Twitch.tv (Live event – 7 to 9h30 PM PT).

Artists featured in this set: Soble, Gázel, Tha_guts, Marco Tegui, Tebra, IV-IN, Omar Gharbi, Enrika Daugele, Ribas Abbas, SANDER (FR), Rapossa, Onna, D-Formation, Davide Randazzo, Sora, Stephane Salerno, Massam, Lauge, Eternal Moment, Valtierra, Die Jungle, Menachem 26, Kaygee, Theo Gramal, Samir Kuliev, Think City, Guruji Gerhard, Sari Awar, Bendix, Tribu Oro.

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