We might be confined to our homes or serving our communities on the frontlines of a pandemic but we will not stop to burn!

HiveBurn was a virtual burn that held on Saturday 28. March from 16.00 CET.

KosmoZoo was also there and we broadcast a live feed for 5 hours with three DJ’s from our camp at Nowhere Festival in Spain. This is my progressive & tech set, 1h30 of intense beat and cosmic soundscapes.

Artists featured in this set: EarthLife, Hot Oasis, Da Capo, Lio Q, Marcus Meinhardt, Stan Kolev, Innacircle, Elias Dore, Darlyn Vlys, Eli Nissan, Guy Maayan, T-Puse, &ME, Agents Of Time, Beatamines, Volkan Erman, Alyfreeze, Super Flu.

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