FTE Acid Friday

Melodic / Progressive

Playa tech & melodic techno set played during the KosmoZoo Acid Friday Night @ the FTE burn in Germany the same week as Burning Man Multiverse 2020.

Experimental Teleportation Device with 200 seats to transport us all to the Burn of our dreams. ✴️ We call it: The Failed Teleport Experiment. We were a bit less than 200 burner souls enjoying the FTE burn in Germany, great event in which we had workshops and 24/24h music & live shows.

Together we’ll create and appreciate art ?, immerse ourselves in inspiring performances ? Dance beneath the stars?and share the deepest connections. We’re guided by the 10 Burning Man Principles. This is a purely participatory event. We encourage you to conceptualize, be crafty and get your hands dirty!

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