COBRACABANA @ AFRIKABURN 2019 | Friday Sunrise

17 September 2019

COBRACABANA @ AFRIKABURN 2019 | Friday Sunrise

Do you remember the Friday morning set at the Cobracabana, it was such a lovely sunrise full of hopes and love.

I hope you enjoy the music as I enjoyed it, something powerful but sweet, between light and darkness to end on the most positive notes I could find. There is nothing better than burning in the sun !

Artists featured in this set: Dugkar, Tebra, Coeus, Anton Ishutin, Deniz Reno & Denis Agamirov, Acado, Modest Crow, Sound Shapes, Troja, Stan Kolev, Khainz, Formel, Novakk, Animal Picnic, Space Motion, Mel7em, PAAX (Tulum), Blond_ish, Massimo Lippoli, Bloody Shelby, Convergence System, Monolink.

Stay tuned )*(

Photo credits: Charlene Jolly

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