Avalon or the last battle for life…. Melodic & Progressive mix including 27 fresh tracks right out of the oven. Enjoy it as I did when recording it live on Twitch, Facebook and ShoutingFire Radio during the Kosmo Downtempo Sunday Show on the 16/05/2021. 2:30 hours of deep & melodic progressive music. Amazing musical journey.

Artists featured in this set: Dubspeeka, Raw Main, Sebastien Leger, Namatjira, Solidmind, Guy Maayan, Leandro Murua, Aaryon, MOii, Soulmade (AR), J Lannutti, Emrat, Stan Kolev, Aaron Suiss, Monostone, Jean Vayat, Paul Ursin, Dandara, Timboletti, Morttagua, David, Cafe De Anatolia, Yóhan, Laroz, Fernando Olaya, HAFT, Assem, Anton MAKe, Aaryon, MOii, Worakls.

🚀 www.kosmozoo.org

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