SILK ROAD | Deep Oriental Downtempo

26 November 2018

SILK ROAD | Deep Oriental Downtempo

Silk Road is an imaginary musical caravan traveling across the mythic ancient road, 2h set mixing electronic & world music.

Deep musical immersion, when four continents meet electronic music. Musical journey mixing electronic, ethnic sounds, vocals, organic instruments, melodic vocals as well as spiritual chanting. The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that connected the East and West and it allowed cultural interactions between the regions for many centuries.

Music is healing…
Enjoy it, share & comment if you like it.


Artists featured in this set: Toires / Sanäti, Sangeet, Russill Paul, Raw Main, Tamu Seseh, Stavroz, CharliEM, Tribu Oro, Arutani, DJ T., Rodrigo Gallardo, Ian Metty, Needze, MEG (LB), Atmana, Senora, Oberst & Buchner, Nadaka, Landikhan, Caravaca, Wisqo, Zakir Hussain And Mickey Hart and Martin Merkel.

SILK ROAD | Deep Downtempo
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