KOSMOZOO #10 @ ShoutingFire

05 April 2020

KOSMOZOO #10 @ ShoutingFire

Mixed Oriental & awakening soundscapes with downtempo. This is an invitation for an escape in your consciousness & your body, 2h30 of down beat & positive music. Enjoy and leave your comments, always nice to chat in here too !

Live Set performed on Sunday 05/04/2020 on ShoutingFire.com, on Facebook & Twitch.tv (Live event – 7 to 9h30 PM PT).👌🇧🇪

Artists featured in this set: Alexander Metzger, Zoe Reijue, URUCUM, Jacob Groening, T-Puse, Sakuro, Indygo, Kapoor, DIBIDABO, Carbalido, Tolga Maktay, Jose Solano, San Miguel, Samer Soltan, Zuma Dionys, Nhii, SANDER (FR), Jugurtha, Zuma Dionys, Jack Essek, P A N, Vruno, Fata & Morgana, Motomia, Altriparty, Nevel (IT), Timboletti, Jacob Groening, Niju, Maugli, Aroma, Majnoon, Sebastien Leger.

The Video:

KosmoZoo, every Sunday starting at 19h for a live set:

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KOSMOZOO #10 @ ShoutingFire | Piccaya
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