EL DORADO | Downtempo

03 January 2020

EL DORADO | Downtempo

This is the first set of the year. The type of music I would have liked to play for the 1st January Afterparty that never happen with my friends, so it does now.

Downtempo set starting with fancy melodies & powerful drums followed by an Oriental journey full of light and darkness. Musical hopes for a better world for 2020.

Artists Featured in this set: Raja Ram, Lucas O’Brien, Deisen, Kermesse, Riyoon, Arutani, jPattersson, Kusht, T-Puse, Valtierra, Sobhan, Ka_lu, Vusall, Lagartijeando, Budajevo, Vusall. Special thanks to Kermesse which inspired me this set.

Artwork by Blooming Concept:

Enjoy it

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