DREAM ON @ THE HAPPENING | Live Set By Piccaya

25 September 2019

DREAM ON @ THE HAPPENING | Live Set By Piccaya

The Happening is inviting the Dream On in Ostende, Belgium. This is my set performed from 20h to 22h30 on the downtempo stage.

From Steve, the organizer 🙂

“Hey Dreamers, it took us some time to get back to reality, because we still can’t believe what we felt and saw last Saturday. We always try to create a dreamy atmosphere with our beautiful decoration and nice melodic music, but it was YOUR presence and YOUR love that was the cherry 🍒 on our pie. We will be back in 2020, not bigger and better, but again with all our heart, our passion and our love for the music, for the artists and especially for you all. Thank you 🙏🏻💟🎶✨”

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Artists featured in this set: Rey & Kjavik, Rabih Rizk, Hrag Mikkel, Christos Fourkis, Jack Essek, Nour (Palestina), Derun, Mula, Kermesse, PAAX (Tulum), Felix Eul, Lopal, Breger, Rigopolar, Lunar Plane, DJ Khaikhan, HAFT, Kolomin, Dizharmonia, SANDER (FR), Zakir, Ali Kuru, Jugurtha, Batu Ozer, Tunnelvisions, Forgiveness, Bahramji & Mashti.

Enjoy it!

Stay tuned


DREAM ON @ THE HAPPENING | Live Set By Piccaya
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