AWAKENING | Deep Oriental Downtempo

20 December 2018

AWAKENING | Deep Oriental Downtempo

Chill out world downtempo set, when music becomes an odd to an internal trip, spiritual & cosmic set.

Deep musical immersion, when four continents meet electronic music. Musical journey mixing electronic, ethnic sounds, vocals, organic instruments, melodic vocals as well as spiritual chanting.

This set was originally composed and performed for BAIKAL NOMAD #81.
Baikalnomads – Mixtape-81-by-piccaya

Artists featured in this set: Lenny Ibizarre, Rapossa, Theo Gramal, [email protected], Gulivert, Mercan Dede, Craig Pruess, Mercan Dede, Matija’s Flying Carpet, Armando Letico, Muno, Alvaro Suarez, Discoshaman, Henry Saiz, Alberto Blanco.

Enjoy it, share & comment if you like it.

AWAKENING | Deep Oriental Downtempo
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